At Sitetrain we specialise in site-based traineeships. Site-based training is a great way of incorporating employees' normal progression through a specific area on a mine site such as processing plant while at the same time providing nationally recognised skills.

Safety Management

Engaging your workforce in safety management is vital. Having a WHS specialist from the workforce and management environment enables Sitetrain to work with people on the floor to quickly build trust and credibility.

Labour Hire

We have been offering labour hire services in Australia for seven years.  We can provide professional recruitment, short and long-term supervision, project management and training and safety support personnel. We also provide highly-trained sentries, in NSW only.

Other Services

At Sitetrain we have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.  With over 20 years' experience in the mining and minerals processing industry we can help you meet your statutory requirements and get the most from your workforce.


Sitetrain has been operating in NSW and Western Australia since 2010. Damien started Sitetrain after six years of providing quality training and assessment to the mining industry under auspice agreements with established RTOs. After successfully delivering training in Australia and overseas, he decided it was time to become an RTO in his own right.

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