RII30415 – Certificate III in Resource Processing


This qualification reflects the role of a process technician’s daily tasks in a range of operational plant sections all conducted in your workplace. Students will gain an appreciation of the theory behind the operational processes while gaining hands on experience of daily operational techniques.

Course Name: RII30415 - Certificate III in Resource Processing
Course Code: RII30415
Course Duration: 24 Months
Training Plans: Certificate III in Resource Processing

The program covers all aspects required from industry today of process technicians, from the soft skills of communicating effectively, caring for the environment, working safely within a risk based structure and following site based WHS and work procedures. To the hard skills of daily operation and optimization of the plant to ensure it is running at its optimum at all times.


Training is delivered in a blended mode classroom based delivery (one day per fortnight, month per unit) which is trainer led combined with self-paced on the job learning (usually 30-40 hours per week) and regular practical mentoring/ assessment in the workplace, using site based procedures for sections.
Written learning activities will reinforce theoretical knowledge, and skills will be practiced in the workplace where learning will be placed into context. Visits by Sitetrain trainers to the student’s workplace will be undertaken once per month (12- 24 hours). The primary purpose of workplace visits is to undertake assessment and collect workplace evidence. The modules are sequenced in a way that allows a logical progression. Participants will be provided with professionally presented reference material to assist them to develop their knowledge of the subject.

Entry Requirements:

This course has been designed for Mineral processing technicians who as part of their everyday work tasks are required to operate a running and producing mineral processing facility. Due to the very unique nature of the course and the strict assessment requirements this course is unable to be offered outside a mineral processing facility environment.

Qualification Requirements:

There are no qualification requirments.

Mode of Delivery:

This program is run on a fully operationa mine site in conjuction with the employer.

Units of Competence:
CodeUnit NameType
RIICOM201D Communicate in the workplace Core
RIIENV302D Apply environmentally sustainable work practices Core
RIIRIS301D Apply risk management processes Core
RIIWHS201D Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures Core
RIIHAN305D Operate a gantry or overhead crane Elective
RIIPBE306D Conduct leaching process Elective
RIIPEO201D Conduct conveyor operations Elective
RIIPGP201D Conduct pump operations Elective
RIIPGP202D Handle reagents Elective
RIIPHA301D Conduct milling/grinding Elective
RIIPRO301D Conduct crushing and screening plant operations Elective
RIIQUA201D Maintain and monitor site quality standards Elective
RIIWHS202D Enter and work in confined space Elective

Depending on units selected there may be licence requirments. This will be discussed with trainer at pre-enrolment interview.

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