Labour Hire

We have been offering labour hire services in Australia for seven years.  We can provide professional recruitment, short and long-term supervision, project management and training and safety support personnel. We also provide highly-trained sentries, in NSW only.

National Labour Hire
We can provide labour hire throughout Australia for the following:

  • Professional recruitment
  • Supervision – short and long term
  • Project management
  • Training and safety support personnel

Highly-trained Sentries – NSW only
Sitetrain also specialises in providing highly-trained sentries in NSW.  To ensure our sentries’ qualifications are of the highest standard every Sitetrain sentry has the following nationally-certified tickets:

  • Confined Space
  • Senior First Aid
  • Gas Testing
  • Working at Heights

Sitetrain sentry training includes, but is not limited to, confined space camera training, governing documents, duty of care, the sentry’s role and responsibilities, vehicle checklists, sentry checklists, site procedures and supervisor training.


Please give us a call on (02) 6851 5790 for a detailed quote.


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