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Working At Heights Training Certificate Near Me

Maximising your training dollar – Working at Heights Training Course and Certificate near me

We are familiar with the mining sector. The Sitetrain method is not a “one size fits all” approach since we are aware that every site is different and has certain difficulties. We create and provide bespoke site-specific and department-specific training built around your rules, processes, equipment, site information, and your special requirements thanks to our considerable expertise in providing certified training programs. We strive to make sure you get the most out of your training budget while providing high-quality, industry-reviewed training to all of our clients, large and small.

Our leading working at heights training will give you the foundations and a thorough understanding of safety when you need to execute work at heights. Our leading instructors and tutors make the learning process fun and engaging, whilst ensuring you comprehend the material.

High quality and relevant site-based training
Sitetrain has continued to offer site-based, high-quality training to the mining sector as a registered training organisation in accordance with the RII Resources and Infrastructure sector Training Package and in accordance with the guidelines established for RTOs. Damien has more than 20 years of experience in the mining business and has been exposed to numerous facets of mineral processing in Australia and abroad throughout this period. Please do not hesitate to request a copy of his résumé.

When you hear the phrase “Working at Heights Training Certificate Near Me” your mind should pinpoint to us! Sitetrain has been operating in NSW and Western Australia since 2010 and we have the knowledge to provide leading courses in the industry. Invest in your safety and career advancement today by enrolling in Sitetrain’s “Working at Heights Training Course and Certificate”. Elevate your skills, confidence, and safety acumen to new heights. Join us and embark on a journey toward a safer and more rewarding future.

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High quality and relevant site-based training

As a registered training organisation, Sitetrain has continued to provide site-based and relevant quality training to the mining industry in line with the RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package and according to the standards set for RTOs. Damien has been in the mining industry for more than 20 years and during this time has been exposed to many aspects of mineral processing both in Australia and overseas. Please feel free to ask for a copy of his resume.

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